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One of many messages from the 2016 Charrette (see Reports tab) was that Cupar’s arrival, orientation and interpretation signage needed to be updated and extended.  Fife Council have funded this major project, which will deliver a digital map of the town, on to which heritage and other interpretation, walking and cycling routes, disabled-friendly accesses and other information can be overlaid.  A total of seven panels will be installed, all with QR Codes to give quick access to the digital information.  CDT hopes to unveil the first of these in the town centre before the end of 2020.

The provision by CuparNow’s digital Cupar project of free WiFi in the town centre will be a direct support to the Signage project.

An early draft of the new, digital, map of Cupar is shown on the right.


Early draft of the new map.

Early draft of the new map.

Panorama 2
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