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Cupar Town Interpretive Plan

The Cupar Town Interpretive Plan is a guide for the practical actions which will encourage people to engage with town’s rich heritage. The Plan was prepared by experienced heritage consultants, CMC Associates.The consultants met with the Interpretive Plan Working Group discussing each stage in the preparation of the final report.The Plan identifies the heritage themes which make Cupar distinctive and sets out how to achieve the long-term goal of making the town centre excel as a heritage attraction for residents and visitors.


Click here to see a copy of Cupar Town's Interpretive Plan



The Plan places an emphasis upon making more of Cupar’s heritage through promoting community-led initiatives.It recognizes that these steps will require to be co-ordinated and carried out as collaborative projects.Community groups will need to contribute their strengths and capabilities of each other. Expertise and funding from public and private funders will be required to support community projects to be implemented.


The Interpretive Plan Working Group is a motivated team of leaders from local organisations involved with heritage and includes the leaders of the local bodies which co-ordinate business and tourism enterprises.Co-operative links with the public bodies is established.


The Working Group provides a ‘conversation-space’ within which the feasibility of community projects is discussed.Two projects are in discussion currently. When each is well-understood, funding applications will be prepared.A helpful meeting has been held with the Heritage Lottery Fund who have advised us on how we should approach them with applications for funding.


The delivery of successful projects requires that their operational management is efficient and effective.To support the implementation of community-based heritage projects, the Trust is pursuing funding which will allow for core staff to be engaged.


The Cupar Town Interpretive Plan explains what is required. It indicates how a community-based approach will make much more of our heritage. It maps the themes by which Cupar can attract visitors. Take a look! 


Click here to see a Summary of the Interpretive Plan


David Kirk, 8 February 2018

 Cupar Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC522831) 
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