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What We Do

Bill's Blogs at BEFS (Built Environment Scotland Forum)

Our very own Bill Pagan keeps Cupar people up-to-date with his occasional blogs. 

Bill is a founder Board member of Cupar Development Trust and a Board member at BEFS.


Click here for the Blog of 16 January 2019 from CDT Director, Bill Pagan 

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Click on Bill's Blog from 1 March 2016

The Trust is a community organisation which promotes town centre initiatives.  We draw on the skills, experience and knowledge held by our members who volunteer their time on an unpaid basis to tackle issues and bring good ideas into practical reality. 

Potentially the Trust will engage in wide-ranging activities.  As a not-for-profit private body the Trust will explore and take forward projects in creative partnerships. These will involve community groups, the public sector and the private sector.  The focus is on initiatives which can secure long-term social, economic and environmental benefits for Cupar.


Annual General Meeting (4th December 2018)

The Annual General Meeting was held on 4th December 2018 in the Howe of Fife’s function room and was attended by Trust members including members of the Board. 

 click here to view the Minutes of the AGM, 4th December 2018


Our Annual Report 2017/18

The Annual Report summarizing the Trust’s activities and results achieved was circulated at the AGM.

click here for the Annual Report, 2018


Financial Statement (1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018)

The Financial Statement for the period from 1st April 2017 to the financial year end of 31 March 2018 was circulated.   

The Trust had received income of £12,900 and had met expenses of £13,512 during the accounting period. Jim Hair, the Trust’s Treasurer reported that directors only authorise projects after funding has been secured.   

click here for the Financial Statement to March 2018


Trust Governance

Cupar Development Trust Ltd. was incorporated in December 2015 as a company limited by guarantee (registered SC522831).  Our Memorandum of Association set out our objects and powers and procedures.  We made a minor revision to the Memorandum as regards the use of electronic communication and this was approved at the Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on the 9th December 2017.  

click here for Memorandum of Association, amended 7th December 2017


In addition to meeting its legal and financial obligations, the Board of the Trust has progressively developed a portfolio of management policies.  The policies adopted include policies on Data Protection, Data Breach and Data Retention, to ensure the Trust is in line with GDPR. 

click here for the Data Protection Policy 2018

click here for the Data Breach Policy 2018

click here for the Data Retention Policy 2018

Other policies in our portfolio are

  • Protective Policies, including Risk Management
  • Board Policies, including Conflicts of Interest
  • Compliance Policies, including Health and Safety

Further policies will be brought into use as the circumstances of the Trust change.


Cupar Market Day

Cupar Market Day

 Cupar Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC522831) 
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